A rich advertising tradition

By John Backlund

Back before there were Backlund guitars, there were ads for Backlund guitars.


  • where are these guitars made?

    rick on

  • John your guitars are ……Works of fine art to look at if they play as well as they look getting my hands on one of these will be like finding Excalibur/or the Grail

    will palmer on

  • Hi Doug has a good point about the secure bridge would be cooool ;) the rockbox looks the Bizz and the orca well thats the daddyio ;)

    Hi john on

  • Hi John – You should have posters made of these! I would love to frame them and hang them up in my practice room. By the way, I have a 100 and love it. I really like the Rock Box guitar shown for Fall 2017 release but would only ask it have a secure bridge not a floating one.

    Doug Toth on

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