About John

Entirely self-taught as an artist and designer, John is influenced by retro-futuristic design concepts that are reminiscent of the period from the mid-late 1930's to the early 1960's. The terms "Aero," "Rocket," "Streamline," and even "Atomic" are often used to describe his design work.

John has often found himself involved in pursuits besides art and design, including stints as a reluctant motorcycle salesman, a rather terrible guitar salesman, a very young and inept Nebraska sand hills ranch hand, and a fairly good flatbed semi-driver running a worn-out Freightliner FLD throughout the Midwest.

Reflecting on guitars and design: “I like color in my designs. I like bright things. I like two-tones that compliment each other. I like a splash of chrome for contrast, and I like it all integrated into a flowing form that is 'balanced,' well-proportioned, and pleasing to the eye. Solidbody electric guitars are a tempting and wonderful candidate for my style of design, and being a guitar player for many decades, it's only natural that they figure prominently in my efforts.”